The Undeniable Benefits of Carport Shade Systems

Carport shade systems offer several advantages for homeowners, schools, and businesses. For one, the shade systems can be installed at a nursery school instead of having to install corrugated roof to protect a part of the playground.

Corrugated roof structures are more expensive to maintain and can become unsightly over time because of corrosion. Vehicles parked underneath conventional corrugated roof structures are often exposed to polluted water dripping from the roof onto the vehicles. Water contaminated by galvanised roofs leaves unsightly marks on the paintwork of cars. Unlike such structures, fabric-based carport shade systems keep their aesthetic appeal for years with little to no maintenance required.

The shade systems also provide for more vehicle turning space into the parking areas. This also translates into fewer scratches and bumps associated with getting into or out of conventional roofed parking spaces. The carport shade systems also offer branding opportunities as it is possible to print on shade fabric. With the lower cost to company compared to more conventional roofing systems, it is possible to provide more shade parking spaces at corporate office parks.

The shade net systems available from us are made from Cooltone fabric, knitted from durable polyethylene. The fabric does not absorb moisture, which helps to prevent dripping onto the vehicles below. It also helps to prevent unsightly sagging of the shade fabric. Up to 95% shade is provided, making it ideal for applications such as restaurant deck shade, schools, residential veranda shade, and of course, for carports.

The UV-treated fabric retains its colour for an extended period. As such, it provides excellent value for money. The fabric does not rot, because it does not absorb moisture. It is available in a wide range of colours and as such, there is no need to paint the roof every few years. Installation is quick and is done professionally. Indeed, installation can even be done for school pavilions and swimming pools.

Affordability is another characteristic of our carport shade systems. Now it is possible to cover a large area without breaking the bank in the process. The structures are professionally designed to cater for various climatic conditions. With the sturdiness of the structures, it is even possible to install the systems at coastal regions with the same effectiveness as when installed in the drier parts of the country.

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The Undeniable Benefits of Carport Shade Systems

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