Why Shade Systems offer Good Value for Money

If you are looking for shade port systems for sale, consider factors such as the level of shade required, the area that must be covered, and the durability needed. Once you have considered these factors, you will agree that the shade port systems we offer for sale meet and exceed the requirements of durability, neatness, and functionality.

Let us first consider why you would want to browse for shade port systems for sale as opposed to other types of shade systems. The canopies provide for up to 95% UV protection and protect vehicles and assets from sun damage. Whether you need to protect vehicles, people, animals, or other assets against the elements, you will be able to do so with our shade port systems. Hail can cause tremendous damage to vehicles, but with the canopies installed, you can be assured that the vehicles of employees, visitors, or residents will be protected against hail.

Due to the way that the netting is designed, providing for superb water run-off capacity, the canopies maintain their integrity and strength, even during extreme weather conditions. Unlike many other materials, which do not allow air through, the fabric of the canopies allows for ample airflow. This makes it possible to keep the temperature underneath the canopies lower because the hot air can escape through the canopy fabric.

Compared to aluminium, corrugated roof structures, wooden roofs, or even vinyl, the shade port systems we offer for sale are also exceptionally cost-effective. There is also the question of neatness and visual appeal. Our shade systems are aesthetically appealing and always neat. Indeed, it is even possible to generate income through the provision of space for signage or a logo.

With the shade port systems that we offer for sale, you do not need to obtain building permits to put up the structures. As such, you save considerable costs when setting up large areas of parking space. The units are architecturally harmonious, with various roof heights and styles.

We also offer shade port systems for sale that can be installed at playgrounds, sport grounds, patio settings, or large dining areas. The life expectancy of the canopies is excellent and with guarantees available against cracking or tearing, according to terms and conditions, you can be assured that the canopies will stay functional and neat for years to come.

Little maintenance is required to ensure longevity. As such, when you buy one of our systems, whether for a vehicle lot, public parking space, or for residential application, you will have shade and protection against the elements for vehicles, people, animals, and other assets.

Our canopies are made from Cooltone fabric, specially knitted from extra-strong polyethylene. The fabric does not absorb moisture and, as such, does not become weighed Down. With the sophisticated ultraviolet stabilisation process, you can be assured that the fabric will keep its colour for a long time.

Get the shade you need for your particular application. View our range of shade port systems for sale and let our experts help you select a system to meet your requirements.

Why Shade Systems offer Good Value for Money

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